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My Gallery/Art

.::My latest Piece's::.

Friends of Ace

+P.C.+ ~.:Father and Son:.~ by ACLuigiYoshiPrime 'n Shiage - Collab w/ AnimalCreation by GraphaTheDragonGift for AnimalCreation by XxCookie-SquirrelxXCil, don't Scare the New Comer by NerdINC12
These are people that I have come to know in my days of deviant art, totally check them out if you like my art!~



Commissions that people owe me

These are people that i have commissioned

I have started forgetting who owes me what, so I am going to go ahead and put them here. THERE IS NO RUSH, TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED! Also, please check any of these people out, they're great!

#1 F/ :iconcleverfox101: Custom (A Sonic x Blaze kid)
#2 F/ :iconxxcookie-squirrelxx: A Sketch picture of a random Next gen kid
#3 F/ :iconbluukio: An Icon of Chikaru

Check any of these people out, they make great art!

Commission: Shiage by AmiWaraiCliff Icon by AlphaCatJinxPC ~ AnimalCreation by MyStarryDreamsCommission 46 by Raspinbel2:P.C: Adventure by Lovely-SilenceCommission: Adventure by LordDominicP.Com: Caroline Moon Floaty by Libra-DragonessSomalia Icon for AnimalCreation by FracturedMirrorAvatar - AnimalCreation by kiki-the-cat::P.Com: Caroline Chibi Pixel Doll:: by Libra-Dragoness.:PC:. Chikaru Icon by KayeilECSMN- animalcreation by YouCryRainEcla avatar -CM- by sachigamiIcon - Cherry by Drytil.*PC - Animal Creation*. by xXTearsOfAnAngel.pc.chibi icon chikaru by AshleytheWolffIcon Commission:AnimalCreation by Sonance12.:commission icon:. AnimalCreation by SymRox-JoXUPDATED Icon Commish for AnimalCreation ! by cxeiNezrabel Icon by Rickidiii


:iconheroflyplz: - ~Cherry (AnimalCreation)
:iconherospeedplz: - ~Ecla (AnimalCreation)
:iconheropowerplz: - ~Cinder (AnimalCreation)
:iconherospeedplz: - ~Chikaru (AnimalCreation)
:iconheropowerplz: - ~Nezrabel (AnimalCreation)

:bulletgreen: Team Seishin

:iconheroflyplz: - ~Kause (AnimalCreation)
:iconherospeedplz: - ~ Prime (GraphaTheDragon )
:iconheropowerplz: - ~Mar (GraphaTheDragon )

:bulletred:Team Electrical Creation

:iconheropowerplz: - Nitrogen (AnimalCreation)
:iconheroflyplz: - Aros (123CaitlinMarie)
:iconherospeedplz: - Gore (123CaitlinMarie)
:iconheroflyplz: - Kause (AnimalCreation)
:iconherospeedplz: - Chime (AnimalCreation)

:bulletblue::bulletred::bulletorange: Team RIFT

:iconherospeedplz: ~ Banakka (AnimalCreation )
:iconheroflyplz: ~ Cherry Carose ( AnimalCreation )
:iconheropowerplz: ~ Somalia ( AnimalCreation )

:rose: Team Lovely :rose:

Pika Box- Joy by Jestloo ~ Gracia (SimpleAzaleaFlower)
Pika Box- Joy by Jestloo ~ Belle (PurpleStarGalaxy)
Pika Box- Joy by Jestloo ~ Susie (Banakka)(AnimalCreation)

Gonna be working hard on homework this week 

No deviants said Expect back up art if any (most likely going to be traditional sketch dumps
No deviants said I am super behind on my homework
No deviants said and the segment is almost over
No deviants said so yeah
No deviants said Luckily this is my hardest year of highschool
No deviants said once its done, I'll have my final year with like 4 subjects
No deviants said I can't wait
No deviants said I also have to be done by december 22nd for reasons


Nov 27, 2015
6:22 pm
Nov 26, 2015
8:39 am
Nov 26, 2015
1:55 am
Nov 25, 2015
6:49 pm
Nov 25, 2015
4:53 pm


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

All About AnimalCreation


Hello there! My name is AnimalCreation, a hobby artist hoping to one day make a career out of what I do. Ever since I was little, I was always making characters and doing story related things. I have been on youtube for about 5 years now, DA 3 years. I started out as Meerkat-wid-peporoni on DA, but eventually left and started fresh. I draw Sonic, Seedrians, Kid Icarus, FNaF (occasionally) and more!~

Most people just end up calling me Ace. I am 16 years old (started drawing when I was 12) With my birthday being Dec 7th. Ace has pretty much become my day to day name, I almost forget my real name sometimes ;w;

Pod Cast:

My Characters

Seedrians in SSP 2015

SSP - Round #1 - Susie Carose - 2015 by AnimalCreation SSP - Round#1 - Opus Oolong - 2015 by AnimalCreation

These are seedrians that I have entered into SeedrianStarPageant of 2015! So far, Susie was knocked out in round 5, and Opus is in the final 6!

The Next Gen Children project

:star:Next Generation Children Challenge Ver. 7.3.5 by AnimalCreation:star:

PC for AnimalCreation 2 by i-kat2PC for AnimalCreation 4 by i-kat2PC for AnimalCreation by i-kat2PC for AnimalCreation by i-kat2

Character List/Bios

Character List:

My Character Birthdaysomg, this was so hard to make xD
Im putting together a list of my character Birthday's, most of these aren't just made up dates,
they are the day I made the character, or close enough.
Most are my main, but Im gonna try keeping track of as many as I can.

Seedrian Birthday's
Cherry: October - 25th - 2011
Cinder: November - 16th - 2011
Ecla: November - 21th - 2011
Viima: May - 5th - 2012
Sharlett: January - 25 - 2012
Shyla: February - 2nd - 2012
Gem(Adopted): February - 11 - 2012
Kita: February - 14th - 2012
Shiage(Adopted): December - 18 - 2012
Susie(Banakka): July - 6th - 2013
Hyeoljang: December - 26th - 2013
Noxie(Adopted): August 28, 2013
Somalia(Adopted): January - 8th - 2014
Vine: January - 29th - 2014
Anemone(Adopted): March - 17th - 2014
Cielo(Adopted): March - 16th - 2014
Jadiya(Adopted): March - 20th - 2014
Kiki(Adopted): August - 13th - 2014
Minkie(Adopted): August - 13th - 2014
Dharuna: August - 19th - 2014
Bliss(Adopted): January - 25 - 2014
.::Chikaru Namida::. Character Bio and Info
Chikaru Namida

Character Info and Bio
Character STORY Bio & Info:

First Name: Chikaru
Last Name: Namida
Species: 80% Hedgehog - 20% cat
Age: 17
D.O.B: April 8th
Time Period: 250 years AFTER Sonic.
Siblings: only Child
Theme Song: [link] (Floating Darkness)
Weapon of Choice: A double bladed Scythe.
Current Residence: A Local Fountain, and in the winter times, sometimes her mothers old house.
Backstory: Chikaru Namida was born in Squareopolis, in the more remote area's of the town. She lived with her mother and father as a normal family until her father disappeared one night. Chikaru, Her mother and the authorities searched endlessly for him. One night Chikaru disobeyed her mother and went to look for her Father. Well in the park searching, she was attacked by a black creature. The creature chased Chikaru t

My Favorite Groups

These are groups on DA that I basically live at, some I've been with since I signed up for DA, others I found and have fallen in love with, you should check any of these groups out for yourself.


:iconshadowseedrians::iconseedrian-star-galaxy::iconseedrian-gods: :iconbeyondthegreatsea::iconto-aru-monogatari::iconseedrianstarmagazine:

What Im into:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

Let’s Players:
Markiplier: Clothespin Challenge Stamp by OrelethSeananners stamp by MeganeSnowThe Bros Angels Stamp by ArcticSandwich
Ohmwrecker Stamp by Fang-a-rangRaocow Fan Stamp by BloodyShadowofDarkBoopin'-Ass Stamp 1 by FliteWulf
Tobuscus by EllexonGassyMexican Stamp by shortstorylongTRG Stamp: Team PJ by blazichu


Some of my Favorite Shows:
Star Wars The Clone Wars Stamp by dA--bogeymanShippuden Stamp by meshugene89RWBY Stamp by MewGiX3
Courage Expressions by winter-ameSteven Universe - Stamp by xXSTEFIXxDuck Dynasty Stamp by The-Devious-Wolf
(this was a hard list to make, I don’t really watch that much TV…)


Some of my favorite Video game characters:
ToS - Zelos Wilder Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestToS2 - Tenebrae Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestToS - Lloyd Irving Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempest
ToS2 - Emil Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestToS - Regal Bryant Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestToG - Pascal Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempest
Hubert Stamp by oathkeeper9918


Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

I'm a good person by AnimalCreationBEFORE YOU COMMENTI'm a good person by AnimalCreation

- Do not ask for requests.
- Do not role play unless on my friend list.
- Do not leave chain mail (will get you blocked)
- Do not thank me for Favorites or watches


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