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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Mah friends call me AceFemale/United States Groups :iconstar-fox-fans: Star-Fox-Fans
Lead the way Fox
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B/W Ani : Requests I DON'T DO - Button by Drache-Lehre B/W Ani : Art Trades (AT) CLOSED - Button by Drache-Lehre B/W Ani : Point Commissions OPEN - Button by Drache-LehreB/W Ani : Gifts SECRET - Button by Drache-LehreB/W Ani : Collabs FRIENDS ONLY - Button by Drache-LehreB/W Ani : Adopt Customs OPEN - Button by Drache-Lehre
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Point Commssions -OPEN- August 2014So i'm reopening commissions for a few months! Certain things have changed, so make sure you look over the Rules & Info carefully!
 - I draw: Sonic FC's, Seedrians, Star Fox FC'S/Anthro, etc.
 - I DON'T draw: Humans (unless friend), couple pictures (unless friend), four legged animals, extreme gore (I might draw a bit of blood here and there, but not tones of gore), sexual/gay/lesbian/porn.
 - Do not complain about prices, these are relitivly cheap compared to other people. Please keep in mind before you whine and complain that 80:points: is a dollar.
 - No comments like "Wish I had enough points" or "I don't have enough, these are too high!" those kind of comments just waste my time.
 - Most prices have been raised by 5:points:, mainly because I have less time and a tad bit more still since march.
 - I have raised the price of speed paints because its such a pain to record them.
 - you pay first please, I don't want to be
50 facts about me1. I am a girl
2. I am a Southern American.
3. I am Christian
4. With a pure and golden heart, I HATE ADVENTURE TIME, CLARENCE AND REGULAR SHOW, I am not going to complain if you like them, but I don't so don't force me to like them, please.
5. Don't be mad if I don't like a show you do, because I just generally hate TV xD I find it annoying ;w;
6. I was dragged into the MLP community by my Brony siblings.
7. I mainly listen to Japanese music, thats why I mainly put Japanese music into my videos.
8. My Favorite games of all time are Star Fox Assault, 64, LoZ Majoras Mask, Pikmin 2, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Drawn to Life (1) and Pokemon Platinum.
9. My first sonic character was an orange amy rip off named Orange,
10. I have a pink Seedrian named Annabell that I draw but never post on DA, Though on my second DA account, I have lineart of her in a Christmas outfit.
11. I haven't taken requests in 2 years
12. I am a brunette
13. My favorite color is Maroon
14. I

Commissions, Up next
:star::star: XxKamacausexX Custom Adopt
:star::star: GraphaTheDragon Custom Adopt
:star::star: WhiteAzailia40 Custom Adopt
:star::star: DancingWSageandSuika Custom Adopt
:star::star-empty: ACLuigiYoshi 2 MS paint pictures
:star::star: Sei-Ren Custom Adopt
:star::star: shadeeze4ever Lineart
:star-empty::star-empty: WhiteAzailia40 2 custom dresses

.:: Personal To-do List::.September

:star::star: Task 2 - Beyond the Great Sea Remon
:star::star: Who is Banakka - Team lovely
:star::star-half: Cosmo MS Paint speed paint
:star::star: Collab w/:iconacluigiyoshi:
:star::star: Task 3 Beyond the great sea Remon
:star-empty::star-empty: secret shipping picture
:star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Project of Flightlessness
:star-empty::star-empty: Team mates meet Banakka

Gimp User -Stamp- by hixdei-loveMS Paint User -Stamp- by hixdei-loveMouse User -Stamp- by hixdei-loveTablet User -Stamp- by hixdei-loveTraditional User -Stamp- by hixdei-loveManga Studio Stamp by 6syker6
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Icons for Me:
.:commission icon:. AnimalCreation by SymRox-JoXUPDATED Icon Commish for AnimalCreation ! by X-Sleepwalkinq-XNezrabel Icon by RickidiiiChikaru Pixel Icon by AnimalCreationIcon Commission:AnimalCreation by Sonance12.pc.chibi icon chikaru by AshleyShiotome.*PC - Animal Creation*. by xXTearsOfAnAngelIcon - Cherry by DrytilEcla avatar -CM- by sachigamiCSMN- animalcreation by YouCryRain.:PC:. Chikaru Icon by KayeilE::P.Com: Caroline Chibi Pixel Doll:: by Libra-DragonessCommission 9 by Raspinbel2Avatar - AnimalCreation by kiki-the-catSomalia Icon for AnimalCreation by FracturedMirrorImage and video hosting by TinyPicP.Com: Caroline Moon Floaty by Libra-Dragoness


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-Main Canon Team-
:iconheroflyplz: - ~Cherry (AnimalCreation)
:iconherospeedplz: - ~Ecla (AnimalCreation)
:iconheropowerplz: - ~Cinder (AnimalCreation)
:iconherospeedplz: - ~Chikaru (AnimalCreation)
:iconheropowerplz: - ~Nezrabel (AnimalCreation)

:bulletgreen: Team Seishin

:iconheroflyplz: - ~Kause (AnimalCreation)
:iconherospeedplz: - ~ Prime (GraphaTheDragon )
:iconheropowerplz: - ~Mar (GraphaTheDragon )

:bulletred:Team Electrical Creation

:iconheropowerplz: - Nitrogen (AnimalCreation)
:iconheroflyplz: - Aros (123CaitlinMarie)
:iconherospeedplz: - Gore (123CaitlinMarie)
:iconheroflyplz: - Kause (AnimalCreation)
:iconherospeedplz: - Chime (AnimalCreation)

:bulletblue::bulletred::bulletorange: Team RIFT

:iconherospeedplz: ~ Banakka (AnimalCreation )
:iconheroflyplz: ~ Cherry Carose ( AnimalCreation )
:iconheropowerplz: ~ Somalia ( AnimalCreation )

:rose: Team Lovely :rose:

Pika Box- Joy by Jestloo ~ Gracia (WhiteAzailia40)
Pika Box- Joy by Jestloo ~ Belle (PurpleStarGalaxy)
Pika Box- Joy by Jestloo ~ Susie (Banakka)(AnimalCreation)

My Gallery/Art

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.::My latest Piece's::.

All the Little Fury Creatures ::Tyrin and Dalia:: by AnimalCreation:PC: Bagin' that Turtle by AnimalCreationHappy Birthday Cherry Carose by AnimalCreation:SSE: Pretty Little Vampire by AnimalCreationSomalia Pixel Art by AnimalCreation:Gift: Belle Pixel Art by AnimalCreation

Friends of Ace

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+P.C.+ ~.:Father and Son:.~ by ACLuigiYoshiPrime 'n Shiage - Collab w/ AnimalCreation by GraphaTheDragonMisery by Beckie-Tenshi-ChanCaroline by Falcolove
These are people that I have come to know in my days of deviant art, totally check them out if you like my art!~


Favorite pikmin type? 

3 deviants said White
2 deviants said Purple
1 deviant said Blue
No deviants said Red
No deviants said Yellow
No deviants said Flying
No deviants said Rock


Oct 29, 2014
1:43 pm
Oct 29, 2014
9:39 am
Oct 29, 2014
5:46 am
Oct 28, 2014
5:50 pm
Oct 28, 2014
5:49 pm


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About Ace


Icon - Cherry by DrytilI start my journey into the world of art in 2011 as meerkat-wid-peporoni. Back then I was a brat, whined and complained that my crappy art wasn’t getting any views and was the stereo typical sonic fan. After a traumatic experience at home, I had to leave DA. I would leave DA for a year, During that year, I started a new life as “AnimalCreation" on Youtube, there I would take recolor requests and attempt to draw original art for about a year. One day I would get a recolor request from a girl called 123CaitlinMarie, we would quickly become friends and she would ask me to join DA once again.

Since then I have been on DA for 2 years and Youtube for 3 years, I’ve become a better person since then, practicing common curtsy on the internet. My main community is the sonic/seedrian community, though I am a big wig at one of DA’s biggest star fox groups.

* /UCBq_5X3utTomFjCaejus8oQ
* PikkaRose: (LP and Backup Account)

My Favorite Groups

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These are groups on DA that I basically live at, some I've been with since I signed up for DA, others I found and have fallen in love with, you should check any of these groups out for yourself.


:iconshadowseedrians::iconseedrian-star-galaxy::iconseedrian-gods: :iconbeyondthegreatsea::iconto-aru-monogatari::iconseedriancafe:

SSG List

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Star-Seedrian-Galaxy 50 seedrian theme Chllange
1. Seedrian
2. With Cosmo
3. Seedling
4. Stages of Life
5. Changing of Seasons
6. Worst Enemy
7. I Want To Fly
8. It’s Raining
9. Death
10. Re-Birth
11. Relic of the Past
12. Futuristic
13. Bring On The Rave
14. Cry Forever
15. Bitter or Sweet?
16. On Holiday
17. For A Friend
18. The Park
19. Who are you?
20. Let’s Cosplay
21. True Love
22. Cannot Unsee
23. Cursed
24. Blessed
25. Murderer
26. My Room
27. Playing Games
28. Ego
29. Codename ________
30. Omnomnom
31. Glitter and Glamor
32. 2:00am
33. Flower/Garden
34. Pixel Art
35. Sick In Bed
36. Messy
37. Zombie
38. Cell Phone
39. School
40. Fan Girl Moment
41. Doctors Office
42. After the War
43. Recolor Do not actually recolor anyone’s picture
44. Vent Art
45. Spring Cleaning
46. Off To The Beach
47. Playing in the Leaves
48. Snow Ball Fight
49. One Color (Scheme)
50. Seedrian Star Galaxy: Home Of The Seedrian

Featured Deviant

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Featured Deviant of the Week

Scarlett Booington by AnimalCreation

Scarlett Booington

Week of Oct 5th - 12th


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- Do not ask for requests.
- Do not role play unless on my friend list.

Squiby Clickables


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